Vector Art Conversion

Regular Vector Artwork:

To convert an Image file into vector, the artist has to recognize the font used in the image and match it closely in the vector. The logo or design portion of the jpeg can just be redrawn using artistic sense and experience. The whole logo is then grouped together rendering a perfect vector which then can be used anywhere and scaled at any size without losing any of its quality. The vector artist must know how to draw a font or text if needed. But it is always advisable to use a font though. We have thousands of fonts that we use. We use several colour books or colour pallets like Pantone, TOYO, HKS etc as per either customer requirement. This helps while printing the design to match the image colours. Sometimes the image provided is blurry or not really visible properly. That is when the artist has to use his judgement and create using his imagination. This is where his expertise comes into picture. We have all learned artists who have atleast a degree in designing or fine arts. The quality that we provide is unmatched due to this.


Colour Separated Vector Artwork:

Artist has to keep in mind that each colour is going to be separated once whole artwork is vectored. So he has to draw each element carefully. Then he puts in the marking points and selects each colour to put on a separate page. This helps the printer make accurate prints for whole design or if he wants only one colour to be printed, he can just select that screen.