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With 20 years of experience come reliability, unmatched quality and service. Our 35 plus strong team of digitizers, quality checkers and administration executives will assist you in every way to get your design back to you on time with excellent quality. All you need to do is email us the design at the end of day and we will get it done by the next morning.

About Myself

  • 2001

    I did my graduation in Textiles from one of the most reputed Universities with distinction and started working for a private textiles company. This is where I came across a digitizing process and its huge need. Very few people knew about it and it was a lengthy process. Most designs were done for schiffli machines requiring utmost accuracy. I learnt all the technique involved including how to create a vector artwork first, how to enlarge it for digitizing and then do the actual digitizing on a board. I felt so good to have learnt all the processes that I began thinking about starting a digitizing service.

  • 2003

    I founded a company stitchline Graphics in 2003, in India. We started providing digitizing files to one of our clients based in the USA. They were T-shirt manufacturers wanting customized logos on their T-shirts. For about 2 years all we did was customization. Then, as we got very good at it, by mouth publicity, we started taking digitizing orders from various reference clients from East and Central parts of USA. In a couple of years we were handling more than 20 customers.

  • 2006

    The actual revolution happened when software companies came up with Computerized Embroidery Software. The use of huge tablet was not needed and all the trouble of creating vector for all designs and then scaling to 6 times to digitize on the tablet was eliminated. The accuracy, editing was also much greater and easier. We went to Australia and US and learnt the new software and also invited their trainers to come and train our digitizers and artists. This changed everything as started getting even more clients looking at our reliability and service.

  • 2010

    We kept on adding artists and digitizers to help with growing demand. Only those artists who love digitizing are with us. This brought reliability and unmatched quality and service that we are known for.

  • 2021

    Today we have 30 full time digitizers and artists. All dedicated to our mission of providing excellent service. Being an artist I am passionate about my work and make sure the flawless designs. All we would say is Come to Us Worry-free and rest assured that your design is in excellent hands.


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